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Inertia & Ritual

Operation Mockingbird is proud to announce the release of their second EP Inertia & Ritual.  This is our first release as a duo  Although OPMB now has fewer members in the band, we believe that this release shows just how much we have expanded since our first release in October of 2016, Licorice + Postcards.

Tracks included on Inertia & Ritual are:

  1. Introspective
  2. The Man
  3. The Fix
  4. With Knives
  5. Pretty Little Dove

In addition to its availability from our Merchandise page, you can also find it at the following locations:

You can also hear songs such as The Fix and The Man on the following radio programs:

Featured Artist – Dark Frequency on Nightbreed Radio

Dark Frequency on Nightbreed Radio

Piers Sixx from Dark Frequency had the following kind words to say about our song The Fix:

“This month’s featured track comes from Operation Mockingbird, a rather fine post-punk band from Orange County in the US, who’ve had us dancing round the cowshed and shimmying against the Aga at Sixx Acres. A bona fide classic.”

During the broadcast, Piers also says:

“This next featured band is Operation Mockingbird, a two piece from Orange County, CA, USA. They’re a female fronted post punk band and draw their influences from the early goth and post punk records that they grew up with.  They sent me this track, and I’m in love with it. So from Operation Mockingbird, here is The Fix”

And after he played The Fix, Piers says “I absolutely love that.  Operation Mockingbird, The Fix

The Fix can be found on our second EP Inertia & Ritual and is available on our Merchandise site now.

Thank you Piers!

Inertia & Ritual Review – Telegram, MA

Review by Victor D. Infante

“Inertia & Ritual,” by Operation Mockingbird

California band Operation Mockingbird doesn’t hide the fact that it’s trying to take the listener on a trip. Indeed, the opening track of its most recent album, “Inertia & Ritual,” starts right in with a low, brooding gloom enveloping a sample of Alan Watts discussing the effects of LSD on perception. The song, “Introspective,” makes for an unnerving entryway into the album’s world, but if one’s brave enough to make the leap, there’s a lot to be discovered. Comprising vocals and synthesizers by The Janell, and bass, guitar, drums and more synthesizers by Scott C., the pair manage to create an immensely large-feeling sound. It’s ominous and heavy, in that old-school Nick Cave or PJ Harvey sort of way, and like those two, there’s a heavy rock edge that cuts through the fog, forcing the listener deeper and deeper into the dark. The album begins in earnest with “The Man,” in which Janelle’s low whiskey vocals become the music’s compass. At six songs, it’s not a terribly long album, but it manages to create a rich study in textures. “The Fix,” for instance, drives with slow, heavy bass, whereas the subsequent song, “With Knives,” is defined by the thin, sharp points of percussion — pinprick lights disappearing and reappearing in the night. By the time the album winds down to the penultimate track, “Pretty Little Dove,” it’s almost startling the way its persona becomes more assertive: “I will make you want me,” she sings, and it comes off as a threat. The album’s earlier aloofness giving way to something more predatory, signaled both in a change of tone and by the subtle frazzle of electric guitar. The album closes with “Something More,” ostensibly a “bonus track” which appears on Spotify but not on Bandcamp if you’re streaming for free. It’s a cool little bit of punk rock discord, with disembodied vocals and driving drums and guitar. At the end, it feels like the listener is exiting the fog, but at the price of everything falling apart, and maybe that was the point all along. — Victor D. Infante, Telegram & Gazette

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